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Some Narnian Articles

FindArticles - A darker ignorance: C. S. Lewis and the nature of the fall(I finished it today; it touches on some interesting points, especially a desire/impulse I had in regard to the "lost of innocence" angle of the "fall" in Eden; also makes me want to read Lewis other works--the space ones)

"The whole are and joy of words": Aslan's speech in the Chronicles of Narnia (I haven't read this one fully yet, but it seems promising)

TLM the Series

Link on youtube. (I should get a TLM icon...)



Sherlock Holmes icons


some Disney drabbles

Not a lot there, but I thought you'd really like #3
Editorial help will likely be needed


Disney Video

I think I found those Disney clips where words are replaced with *beep* (I liked a lot of GMD ones...).

Anyway, this amused me greatly. :D

Vampire Squid

S/he does exist (as I did not believe when I first found information on him/her - do cephalopods have single sex-organs or what?); s/he's cute.

REALLY GOOD Beauty and the Beast video

It's so good, in my opinion, that I'll probably always associate it with them (similar to "1001 Arabian Nights" with Aladdin).

Disney Videos

ADDED: 10-9-08
It's guy love between Timon and Pumbaa. God I love this song/video. Wheee

Bambi's missing love... Heartwrenching sad (to me) and I haven't even seen "Bambi 2"

- - - - - - - - -

Disney kisses, though they're missing the most famous kiss of all

101 Dalmations video -- it's really good and moving, except the chorus was a little sad, but I really liked it.

I always thought this worked -- very sweet in my opinion.

Another one with the same movie and song (sort of)...though I like the way this one flows better


All right *crack knuckes* (not that I can do that). Here we go.

a song featuring non-Disney heroines and Sadira. I like Anya and Sadira's part the best.

the same song with Disney gals. Meg's part and Esmeralda's are the best here, I think.  Each rendiction is great I couldn't pick a favorite.

this song is a little crude but the lipsynching is amazing (in my opinion).

a catchy song I just found.

this plain KILLS me. I laughed my ass off. Seriously. I am dead serious here. Funny stuff here.

here's an entertaining Al/Jas one.

the singing ablility is not impressive, what is impressive is some of the clips work really well. Hillary Duff cannot sing in my opinion.

AAAANNND I guess that's it for the moment.