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Funny (Aladdin) disney ...song thing.

Funny but "Jasmine"'s voice is VERY annoying...but it's funny. At least I think it is. Especially the opening bit.

Random Cute!

I don't know if this'll work but It works: baby sloth!
baby pandas!
baby toad!! so small!
baby turtle! "new future"
Okay I'm stopping. You may have seen these already...hm, hm, hm... Apprently I'm not...
baby turtle II!!
pretty hummingbird...
baby puppy pitbull

Okay NOW I'm really going to stop. Yep.

love you

Aladdin music video

The lyrics aren't awe-inspiring but the melody is catchy.

Wikipedia is fun...

This all started because I am redoing my population pyramid assignment and some of the questions were about Bangladesh. Decided one of the questions (Why is its 2000 pyramid so different from the U.S. and Germany pyramids?) deserved some mild research and...well, it led me to various pages.

I thought you'd find this interesting, if only for the changing dynastic territory: the History of China

And here's some more stuff (which I actually needed -- god, is it possible to want to squeeze a specific geographical location in a cutesy way just because it's that awesome?)
The History of Bangladesh
The Partition of 1947 or so I'm calling it


A Whole New World...in Arabic

In case you haven't found it.

Unrelated but this amuses me SOOOO much. Especially "Fluffy's" expression in the last panel.

There might other random things but for now...I'm good.

Here's a link to (what I think) may be a pretty good Disney "princess" test. Dunno.

Aladdin episodes

on youtube. They're somewhat scattered through out this person's videos...BUT I watched the Iago one where he goes pro-greed then pro-poor. Good times. Made me happy to finally see it (again?)
Also watched the Citadel (first Mozenrath ep). He's...werid and kinda pathetic and kinda funny. Eh. Never was a big Mozenrath fan anyhow. (whoa, in wikipedia one of his "categories" at the bottom of the page is : "fictional characters with mental illness" HA!)

And this is kinda cool. Dunno about the coloring but its drawn well and COOOOL.


Baby (and I mean TINY) sting rays. Not sure what they're doing as PETS. Disturbing that but CUTE. My God.

Edit: Oh, wait you might have already seen this. LIVE. Still...they're so small!!! O.o

Sentimental Disney-ness...

The video's only so-so but I love the clips combined with the lyrics from 1:19 to 1:44. That's what I thought of when I was listening to the song on my cassette player...

Bionic beak

 This is one of the times modern science is actually good for nature.

I especially like " "Give me an hour with a third or sixth grader and they will never shoot a raptor." "